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Raj Joshi

Raj Joshi is an Adventure Travel photographer & Expedition Leader.

He has travelled to every continent, operating in multiple environments such as jungle, desert, polar and mountain regions.

Adventure travel has provided him with challenge, enabling personal growth and self-development, taking him to some of the most remote and stunning places that few are privileged to see.

It has given him a unique learning opportunity from the many special people he has encountered and immersion in their cultures.

Raj inspires the story through his photography, expressing a narrative for each scene. 

His photos convey a genuine perspective, creating the atmosphere and interaction while taking the viewer along a journey.


Please get in touch should you wish to discuss a photography commission.

Examples include wildlife, brand development, fashion & lifestyle, travel, modelling, or other type of commissions you may be interested in.

Examples of Raj’s photography for models can be found here.


Should you wish to join Raj on an adventure, please visit The Adventure Boutique.

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